Wise or Otherwise ?

Until now I thought there are mostly two kinds of people, wise and otherwise, and there is this grey zone — where people are labelled as confused, ignorant, neutral, fence sitters etc.

The Covid pandemic has challenged this perception of mine. Everyday we receive a number of messages to help enhance our wisdom, implant some new found, some rehashed, and some modified versions into our grey matter to make us better human beings or so to say wiser human beings. Most of us, if not all, will agree that we all fall in the “wise” category and others are in the “otherwise” category, of course we wisely keep mum about it.

Today, when one is looking at the world, people, nations, governments and the proud torch bearers of explosive advances made by humanity in the last 100 years, the ‘wise’ guys from the field of Science and Technology, one wonders, in a quiet corner, are we really wise? A tiny virus, a microscopic weapon from millions in the armamentarium of Mother Nature has turned our well-crafted artificial human made world upside down and in tatters. We are revising our understanding, our strategies and responses almost on a daily basis. The wise minds of Science and Technology from their advanced laboratories in most advanced countries and giant pharmaceutical companies are working incessantly to win this war, but with at most mixed results. We are reviewing feedbacks and databases and revising and revising our game plans, and in the bargain have become ‘rewiser and rewiser’ of sorts! Of course we were wise, we just ‘rewised’ our wisdom profile.

Should we then not look at our approaches, our ‘wisdom’? Should we always stay ‘wiser’? Are we the wise people blinded by our ‘wisdom’, not able to see a clear path? Have we been blinded by arrogance of our own achievements, our new Bible of Science and Technology, which is in the control of new priests, the modern scientists and their handlers, who pick and choose according to their own ‘wisdom, conditioning, training and demands’? Are there overt and subtle demands from the profit hungry employing industry to look and work only in ‘expected directions’ to invent something with ‘high yield for profits’? Are these priests of Science vulnerable?

Shouldn’t we look at Nature herself for a solution? Problems of Nature have also solutions in Nature. Wouldn’t it be better to look deeply into Mother Nature, where the answers are hidden? Probably a simple plant based remedy of low profit might be out there, but our entire scientific mind or most of it is engaged and focused on minutiae of gene manipulations, gene splicing and some such things. The question is, are we looking for the wrong solution or in the wrong direction? Why is this virus not affecting plants or so many animals? Wouldn’t it be useful to work, say, in these directions with much greater workforce? We may find a solution there? Or has it become a fashion that when plant-based remedies fail or succeed partially, a failure is highlighted, and when modern medicine succeeds even partially, success is highlighted?

Should we become wiser, open our minds to all possibilities, explore all possibilities with an open mind and sincerity, search deep into Mother Nature for a solution that she is willing to hand over if we are receptive? Or are we insincere and hostage of greed, hostage of our own scientific conditioning, hostage of our own preferences and prejudices, hostage of confidence based on our past achievements ? Are we looking at all possibilities dispassionately?

So, one just wonders, are we, the homo sapiens sapiens, wise or otherwise?

© Dr. Kalpesh J Gajiwala





He is a consultant Plastic Surgeon from Mumbai. Interested in research, spirituality, science, culture, reading.

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Gajiwala Kalpesh

Gajiwala Kalpesh

He is a consultant Plastic Surgeon from Mumbai. Interested in research, spirituality, science, culture, reading.

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